Understanding my soil

Understanding my soil manage soil
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Understanding my soil. The most important steps in establishing and managing a moisture efficient farm is to understand and manage my soil.

– Soils with high moisture holding capacity with effective infiltration and good drainage are best able to use any available rainfall

– knowing the soil type will help to understand the percentage of sand – silt – clay contents in my soil. This is also called as structure of soil.

Organic Matter:

The organic matter in my soil adds value to my soil. Whatever be the soil type, adding more organic matter can help improve the soil structure and increase its ability to store moisture and nutrients.

Regularly adding more organic matter is recommended
because high rainfall and high temperatures cause it to
break down quickly.

Mulch and its uses

A layer of organic mulch placed over the soil is a useful
addition to the soil. Mulch helps to reduce evaporation
from the soil and insulates plant roots against extremes of
heat and cold. It also helps prevent weed growth.

Over time, organic mulches decompose into the soil, adding further nutrient and water holding capacity.